Meditation – just relax. Balance & Harmony.
Deep inner awareness.

Our inner and outer health depends on balance and harmony.
Come along to essential relaxation meditations and
unwind, or attend sessions designed to take you on an inner journey of discovery. 

Whatever you are looking for, meditation is essential for inner awareness, insight, health and wellbeing.


-Meditation – relaxing and more …

Being relaxed is an essential part of meditation. The health benefits create a sense of wellbeing and create positive and often profound physical and psychological changes. However, meditation is more than just relaxation.

True meditation should be insightful. It is about letting go of our outer busy lives and using an openness of mind and intent to achieve meaningful communication with your inner mind – the part of you that is totally aware and centred at all times. This is why true meditation can be inspirational. It can give us answers; it can take us on a journey. The stillness of the outer mind allows our inner voice to speak, or an inner part of our psyche to show us dream-like views of what we need to see in order to find true peace and awareness. We are profound beings at our essence, and our inner mind can show us amazing things and important messages.

To help with achieving a more quiet and open state of mind, Jason uses a combination of guided visual instructions and subtle music and gentle frequencies to assist you to achieve balance and harmony.

The Guided Meditation sessions are conducted in groups of between 10 – 20 people. Meditation is most effective when sitting comfortably in a chair so your body remains upright and in the most effective cognitive state, in the peaceful space of the Education Room at the Taste Nature Integrated Health Clinic on level 2.  

Tuesday or Thursday evenings 7pm – 8.30pm
Sunday mornings 10.00am – 11:30am

Family Group Meditations – Sundays 1 – 2:15pm

Taste Nature Integrated Health

Balance and Harmony

Relaxation and peace are the most important things we can feel – especially now. If you need to just relax and give your body and mind the balance it needs to return to its ‘centre’ and support your mental and physical health, you will find peace here in this relaxation group.

Insight and Awareness

Meditation also allows you to get in touch with the inner ‘you’. We are all energy first and foremostly. Our energy and our mind can work hand-in-hand to guide us through our lives, and help us experience greater insight and awareness. If this is for you, come along and just let go.

Take a Journey

There is so much to experience within our minds. Deep meditation will not only allow your body and mind to reach new depths of awareness and rejuvenation, but you can begin to take an inward inward journey to places and levels of your consciousness filled with wonder and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Awareness is everything

Consultation and counselling. Holistic Awareness. Insight & Meditation.

I believe the most important thing of all, for each one of us, is to be in touch with your inner self. The Real You. When you are in touch with what you really are inside, you can love freely, share openly, live true to yourself and be in constant communication to how you feel and the truth of all things.

Your energy, mind, emotions, memory and personality are all aspects of you, and everything on the outer of our life is a representation of how well we in tune with our inner sound – because we all have an inner sound, like a frequency division of light from a higher aspect of awareness. Like all things, we have all come from somewhere and we are all going somewhere. And whilst we are here in this physical human consciousness, would’t you want to know every way you can to be happy and authentic to ‘you’? Of course! 

Meditation sessions or Workshops are designed to relax the body and rest the brain. We then take a journey into a place of wellbeing where insight, harmony and love … and that journey is what I call ‘The Journey Home’ because, after all, we are simply remembering and returning to the central point within us that is the origin of who we are anyway.

"I have felt different all my life, like I did not belong, like I did not fit. I could never find balance until I met Jason. He helped me understand the memories that were holding me back from being me and I could not be more happy."


"I have meditated for years, but Jason's guided meditations are like nothing else I experienced before. It was just like you said, Jason, relaxation comes after awareness, not before."


"I look around my life now and I see everything I did not see before. Clarity is everything. If I had not had an insight session I would not have known where to look within my own psyche. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart."


"I attended an Intuition & Energy workshop and was amazed at how much I did not know about energy, life and my own energy field. I thought intuition was like a tool, but it is so much more. I discovered it was the connection to the Real me."


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Find Balance and Harmony

If you are not sure where to start, come along to a relaxation or insight group and just relax. If you have any particular question, just ask Jason 😉 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Holistic Consultation different?

A holistic consultation takes into account ALL of you because all things are connected. Your energy field, your mind, memories, thoughts, feelings and all events currently going on around you in your life have an interconnected meaning. A holistic consultation looks at the deeper story of 'you' to find where you have come from in the journey of your life or beyond, and where you are going. Your relationship to your inner self holds the key to your mind, and your mind is the key to unlocking the Real 'you' to give you the power to take control of your future.

Why do you use Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation is about taking a journey into your own energy and mind. It is about letting go and being guided by voice, gentle music and inner guidance into your subconscious and higher conscious mind to communicate with a deeper part of you. Without a focus point, regular meditation often fails to achieve the desired results.

Relaxation, balance and peace are very important parts of our physical and energy experience, but it is the discovery and remembering of a greater awareness about you, your life, your future and your life purpose that is the true gift of meditation. Guidance is carefully designed to take you on a visual journey that brings mind, body and energy into One.

What are your session and workshop times?

Consultation Sessions are available most days of the week between 9am - 7pm. Session times are usually 60-75 mins. Virtual sessions are also available if you are unable to attend the Dunedin consultation room on L3 at the Taste Nature Integrated Health Clinic. Enter via L2 Integrated Clinic, and upstairs to L3.

Meditation Groups are held 3 times per week. Guided Meditation Sessions focus on Relaxation, Insight and the Inner Journey. See the Booking Page for available sessions. Tuesday evening sessions 7pm - 8.30pm. Sunday morning sessions 10am-11:30pm.

Meditation Groups and Workshop sessions are conducted in the L2 Education Room at the Taste Nature Integrated Health Clinic.

Discovery Workshops run on designated Sundays from 1pm - 5pm (unless otherwise stated). Family Meditation sessions are also available. Please check the meditation page for booking links. 

What else do you do?

 Jason researches and investigates all aspects of life and existence. Personal Sessions, discussion groups, workshops and seminars are also available in specialist fields of higher mind communication, past lives, intuition & energy field health, dream recall, life and purpose, the paranormal, the afterlife, life between life, spatial geometry and existential reality patterns.

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