Health & Wellbeing Counselling

Counselling for health, wellbeing, anxiety, trauma, relationship concerns, personal issues, life purpose, legacy and family matters, experiences, memories, events and thoughts & feelings…

… there is always a way to heal.

Jason is a professional counsellor with 15 years of counselling experience with extensive experience in grief and bereavement, trauma recovery, existential self-identity and life-purpose matters that link directly to the quality of our lives. The key strategies Jason uses are designed to achieve balance and build emotional resilience to thrive in a changing world.

Jason practices from Queenstown, Dunedin and via virtual sessions. He facilitates workshops and training on “The Psychology of Change’ to public and commercial groups to help develop and foster the abilities needed to achieve a deep centred self-awareness of oneself.

Health & Wellbeing Counselling Session

There is always an answer to everything we feel and everything that is happening to us in our lives. Let’s take a look at you, your life, your experiences, your triumphs and your traumas, your health and your relationships and we will get to the bottom of how to make you feel better and how to empower you to resolve all conflict, and create a new life. Regular Counselling sessions are for 45mins.

Micro Counselling Session

A brief session for when you have a question you would like an answer or feedback on. Perhaps something has just happened in your life, or you are feeling anxious or unsure. This session is also a brief follow-up or check-in for existing clients on any matter that is urgent or on your mind. A Micro session is not a replacement for a regular session. Micro Counselling sessions are limited for up to 15mins only.

You deserve to be happy

Counselling for insight, trauma, resolution, anxiety, health loss, self-identity issues, deep troubles and existential dilemmas.

I am ‘The Time Consultant’ … because when it comes to how we think and feel the main barrier standing between you and healing is your relationship to memory through time. When we understand what memories you hold, and get in touch with who ‘you’ really are, you are free to become the person you are meant to be.

Let’s talk

Life is full of deep and meaningful questions, and we all want to find balance & harmony. We all want to be happy, but how do we get there? If you are looking for the meaning to your life, or if you are looking for purpose you need to take a fresh look at your life holistically. 

There are many forces at work in this world that sap energy, cause confusion and pain, and create uncertainty. We can get through anything when we have support and insight. Perhaps your life has taken a tragic turn and you don’t know what to do or how to feel; no one should ever manage grief alone. 

The power of memory has the ability to inspire us to great heights, or keep us in the same place we have always been. We are more than who we believe we are. We are more than what our lives – and often the influences upon and around us – tell us we are. I am here to tell you it is time to understand the power you have within, and to create change.

Love is the most powerful energy of all. Those who do not know love seek power. Those who know who they are, to the deepest core of their being, seek only balance and a deeper sense of awakening. These brave seekers of the light of awareness need only what is greater within themselves. They inspire others to do the same, and live a life beyond hope and beyond expectation for they are the key to their own happiness. No one is ever truly alone.

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