The Time Consultant

The power in our life is dependent upon the power of our awareness

30 years of experience

Specialising in the mind and consciousness

Life, Grief and Authentic-Self Counsellor

Jason is based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We are all looking for balance and harmony. We want to be happy and in control of our own lives. We want to believe we can embrace freedom and choose the things we want, and avoid the things we don’t. Balance in all things is the goal for most of us, and awareness and mindfulness is the key. That is why our mind, body and energy have to be in balance.

For some happiness comes from pursuing the meaning of life and for others it comes from developing a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the greater whole. Many want to know what their purpose in life is. Very often we all look to understand what is happening to us in our lives, and how to find our way. But answers can often be hard to come by, and we find ourselves lost in a world where time keeps moving without answers.

That is where so much begins and ends – in time. This is why I am The Time Consultant. It is not a fancy name to sound impressive, it is a key to understanding we must be aware of the effect of time upon us, because everything we do comes from who we are based on our memories and experiences of our past, our future, and our response to what is happening to us in our lives right now.

I can help you see clearly. I can help you rise above the confusion, or stand centred in the storm. I can help you manage your grief, understand your emotions and tap into the ‘You’ you need. And yes, love is one of the major proponents to change and a balanced life. In fact, in the end, it is everything. 

It is ALL about gaining insight and understanding. This leads to awareness, and awareness leads to choices and actions that take control back.

Over years of workshops, discussion groups and personal counselling, one thing is always the same… Memories, relationships, emotions, events, dreams, trauma and grief, ambition and our behaviour. Our responses all rise from our deepest places, and they are all a product of ‘Time’. I have spent 30 years researching, listening, helping, uncovering and practising within the realm of the ‘mind’ through time.

All of the answers to all of our questions are within us … and many of those answers require the expertise of someone who can gently uncover the Real ‘you’ from the veil of your outer personal layer to help you find your Real self that lives beneath. Some will have already started this journey. Some will be well on their way.

However, life it is not always the journey you think it is, and those who think they have found all the answers are usually the ones who never asked the right questions. 

The consulting I offer is holistic. You have a light within that can shine as bright as you choose, and I look at you, what you want for ‘you’ and your life, your life itself, your thoughts and feelings and what is happening to you and around you. Then we look at your response to these things and we start to discover what we can do about it.

That is where it all begins so we you can finally find an ending to what troubles you.


Guided Meditation Instructor

Inner Awareness & Energy Consultant

My own journey into becoming aware of the power of our mind began in the late 80s. I often dreamed vividly and left my body consciously so often. I wanted to know how consciousness worked, and I started writing my dreams down – especially the ones that kept coming true. I was fascinated about why we are here, and craved to understand the meaning of my dreams. I was convinced if I could understand the layers of my inner mind I could see life clearly.

In the early 90s I met a beautiful and driven lady named Diane. She was unlike anyone I had ever met, devoted to uncovering the power of who and what we really are. I began a journey of discovery and investigation with this inspiring woman who would 10 years later do me the honour of becoming my wife. The workshop Diane was running at the time was about the light within us all, the power of our deeper minds, deeper memories and the purpose to our lives. 30 years later, I help others as Diane first helped me, because the only way to be truly happy is to know oneself – inside out and from top to bottom.

I help people develop tools to become aware. Some are a little unsure to get to know themselves, but it is a powerfully positive experience every single time. Without exception. To know oneself is to find all you need to know to be happy.

This is why meditation is one of the most powerful and important activities I believe a person can ever do in the pursuit of awareness and insight. Traditional meditation is important for peace of mind and a relaxed body that leads to good health. However, it goes beyond simply quietening the mind and resting the body; true awareness comes from introspection. Taking a journey through your own mind and opening up the channels of communication to a deeper meaning within you.

Consciousness is like a lens – when you use the right one, things are clear. When you use the wrong one, all you see is a blur and you understand nothing.

My journey over many years has shown me the true beauty within us all. I have experienced things people say are impossible, and yet they happened. Many times.

To quote Diane, “Sanity is the invention of a limited mind.” We must be open at all times to what we do not yet know, for it is only in the unknown we find the evolution of awareness.

I am blessed to have lived, loved and researched into the depths of the human mind and travelled to the edge of consciousness and beyond with the most prominent pioneer of the modern era – my wife Diane. This credibility is not because of my love for her, but because she was a true hero of awareness and remembering that we are more than who we think we are. Diane’s passing was the greatest loss of all for so many reasons. However, the journey of discovery we had together is now reflected in the meditations, our programs and workshops I have conducted over these past years.

I actively research and understand the human mind, the behavioural psyche, emotional dynamics and core sensitising memory. Other areas of specialist practise include intuition, energy systems, mind travel and the paranormal where life meets the afterlife. If you are unsure about that statement, it is just because you have not had the experience to know otherwise. Ask me, and I will happily share what I have lived. That is what awareness is all about – going beyond boundaries.

And so …

There is a light within each one of us – the essence of who we are. That light is the awareness of our authentic or ‘Real’ self beneath the layers of our role in everyday life. The real ‘you’. When we know who we really are, we can find balance and harmony.

I am ‘The Time Consultant’ … because the only thing that stands between you and total awareness is your relationship to memory through time. When we understand what memories you hold, and get in touch with who ‘you’ really are, you are free to become the person you were always meant to be.

I believe something I have said here may have touched you in a way perhaps you were ready to hear. If that is so, please be in touch for an in-person or virtual consultation or come along to one of the meditation groups or workshops.

Thank you.


– 30 years research and practise in Mind & Energy Systems

– 17 years Guided Mediation Instructor & Life Energy Counselling

– Paranormal Investigation & Parapsychology Research

– Levels of Consciousness Practitioner

– Dreams & Dimensional Consciousness Practitioner

– Professional Counselling Diploma

– Counselling Skills Certification

– Grief Counselling Training

– Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Illusion of Reality

The investigative documentary 40 Years in the making

It began more than 4 decades ago with a need by one person to understand what lay beyond life. That dedication would lead to the revelation that is the beginning of the Greatest Story Never Told. A heartfelt search that would find answers to the greatest questions of all. A journey of consciousness, light and energy. A journey of awareness, thought, memory, time, space and hope.

An inner discovery of planetary and universal dimensions, alternate futures, extraordinary paranormal experiences – and contact from those beyond this planet and beyond our reality. Ultimately it is a journey of awakening; it is a journey about love.

This world is not only holographic, it is a created program. Listen to the experiences. Hear the facts. Open your mind. It is time to wake up.

Read more about this documentary here, watch for free on YouTube or purchase your own copy and help support the Elonias Foundation – the foundation for Inner Awareness.

"You have to know where you are in order to know where you are going."

Jason & Diane

"You have to build a bridge before you can walk across it."

Jason & Diane

"The quickest way to erase the past is to create a new future."

Jason & Diane

"In a world so limited by intellect beauty has lost its way."

Jason & Diane

"You always run towards what you are running away from."

Jason & Diane

"If you don't face the truth in your life, you get caught up in the illusion of change."

Jason & Diane

"The greatest challenge to love is fear."

Jason & Diane

"To resolve something you have to dissolve it."

Jason & Diane

"Peace has to be forfeited for the truth."

Jason & Diane

"What if I told you mankind's greatest creation was division."

Jason & Diane

"Freedom is the knowing that each day cannot hold you. No person can possess you and no god can guide you."

Jason & Diane

"Truth is the experience of knowing one's own thought."

Jason & Diane

"When your brain gets busy your feelings take a vacation ... and nothing is understood."

Jason & Diane

"People with closed minds usually have open mouths."

Jason & Diane

"I have felt different all my life, like I did not belong, like I did not fit. I could never find balance until I met Jason. He helped me understand the memories that were holding me back from being me and I could not be more happy."


"I have meditated for years, but Jason's guided meditations are like nothing else I experienced before. It was just like you said, Jason, relaxation comes after awareness, not before."


"I look around my life now and I see everything I did not see before. Clarity is everything. If I had not had an insight session I would not have known where to look within my own psyche. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart."


"I attended an Intuition & Energy workshop and was amazed at how much I did not know about energy, life and my own energy field. I thought intuition was like a tool, but it is so much more. I discovered it was the connection to the Real me."


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Holistic Consultation different?

A holistic consultation takes into account ALL of you because all things are connected. Your energy field, your mind, memories, thoughts, feelings and all events currently going on around you in your life have an interconnected meaning. A holistic consultation looks at the deeper story of 'you' to find where you have come from in the journey of your life or beyond, and where you are going. Your relationship to your inner self holds the key to your mind, and your mind is the key to unlocking the Real 'you' to give you the power to take control of your future.

Why do you use Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation is about taking a journey into your own energy and mind. It is about letting go and being guided by voice, gentle music and inner guidance into your subconscious and higher conscious mind to communicate with a deeper part of you. Without a focus point, regular meditation often fails to achieve the desired results.

Relaxation, balance and peace are very important parts of our physical and energy experience, but it is the discovery and remembering of a greater awareness about you, your life, your future and your life purpose that is the true gift of meditation. Guidance is carefully designed to take you on a visual journey that brings mind, body and energy into One.

What are your session and workshop times?

Consultation Sessions are available most days of the week between 9am - 7pm. Session times are usually 60-75 mins. Virtual sessions are also available if you are unable to attend the Dunedin consultation room on L3 at the Taste Nature Integrated Health Clinic. Enter via L2 Integrated Clinic, and upstairs to L3.

Meditation Groups are held 3 times per week. Guided Meditation Sessions focus on Relaxation, Insight and the Inner Journey. See the Booking Page for available sessions. Tuesday evening sessions 7pm - 8.30pm. Sunday morning sessions 10am-11:30pm.

Meditation Groups and Workshop sessions are conducted in the L2 Education Room at the Taste Nature Integrated Health Clinic.

Discovery Workshops run on designated Sundays from 1pm - 5pm (unless otherwise stated). Family Meditation sessions are also available. Please check the meditation page for booking links. 

What else do you do?

 Jason researches and investigates all aspects of life and existence. Personal Sessions, discussion groups, workshops and seminars are also available in specialist fields of higher mind communication, past lives, intuition & energy field health, dream recall, life and purpose, the paranormal, the afterlife, life between life, spatial geometry and existential reality patterns.

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