Awareness is the key, is it not, to a new beginning.

Where does change begin? Where does something new in your life really start? Awareness is the main instigator of any genuine change. Sometimes awareness is thrust upon us by the events of our lives. Other times we have to seek out awareness and rise above the choppy waters of our lives in order to see clearly.

When we strive to make change without awareness we are relying upon the way it always was, somehow, to lead us to a new beginning. That is called hope. Hope, unfortunately, does not change anything. You have to take charge of your own life and yourself if you want a new beginning, and a new beginning can only truly be instigated by a point of awareness within you.

So what is awareness? Awareness is the point of observation of all things. About you, another person, your life, what you want … and so on. It is to understand who you are in totality without bias or judgement. In order to be free, you have to be aware of how you feel about everything. You must be aware of how you feel about your memories and about your life. As the saying goes, it is as important to know what you do not want as it is to know what you do.

But to observe and compare is not enough. We have to ensure our awareness is true and real. To do this, we need to talk to ourselves. We can do this by speaking to a trusted friend or a counsellor such as myself. Or, you can work on this introspectively within our own thoughts and feelings. But without perspective and an openness to see ‘you’ as you really are, introspection into how you feel risks being complicated with the same self-perception you are trying to rise above.

To simply expect life to improve because we want it, or to be aware of what we do not want in your life but never taking the next step to be aware of how to make a difference, will always and inevitably bring life full-circle back around again to where it started. This may sound all-too-familar.

To achieve awareness you have to identify the most powerful magnetic points that effect you from within, and from the outer environment of life. That is why your feelings, and your observations of you open and honest feelings, your deepest states of mind and your simplest preferences are a part of the way forward.

But the real key – the only key – is to be aware within the centre most point of your ‘being’. Within the centre most point of who you are lies an awareness beyond the person you know yourself to be. It is your best friend, your closest ally … because it is You. It exists beyond the image you have created of yourself, beyond the labels or identification of ‘who you are” your family and friends, colleagues and the world at large has applied to you by way of your confirmation of self-identity. Beyond all of that … is the Real You.

This Real You are is your essence of energy and love that tells the story of all of ‘You’. The original point of entry of everything about who you are before your current life, memory, measurement and circumstances prevailed.

The Real You is totally aware of all things about you. Get in touch with the Real You and you will become aware, truly aware, and be able to make a new beginning for a new future.

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