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Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Grief & Trauma, Bereavement & Life-Change Counselling with Jason

Jason is a professional counsellor with nearly 30 years of behavioural psychology experience. He has extensive experience in grief and bereavement, trauma recovery, coping with health issues, managing and balancing life stresses, existential self-identity and life-purpose matters, and linking these directly to motivation and behaviour. Jason facilitates workshops and training on “The Psychology of Change’ to public and commercial groups to help develop and foster the abilities needed to achieve a deep centred self-awareness of oneself. The key strategies Jason uses are designed to achieve balance and build emotional resilience to thrive in a changing world.


  • Mental & Emotional health, Grief, loss and bereavement & Change of Life 
  • Post-traumatic stress and abuse-trauma recovery
  • Life-Position dynamics (personal, family, workplace) & Behavioural Psychology
  • Health & well-being, self-identity / crisis issues – existential dilemmas


Jason practises from Queenstown, Dunedin and NZ/worldwide via virtual sessions.

Let’s Talk …

With a focus on the holistic mind and psychological, mental and emotional homestasis, Jason help individuals understand their emotions, feelings, reactions and responses. This is often in conjunction with a cognitive review of formative years, sensitising events and environmental and relationship circumstances in order to find a centre point of complete understanding. Jason cultivates the perception of one’s reality to identify and resolve memories to create clarity and change.

Let’s resolve any issue …

Identifying the power of memory plays a vital role in uncovering all factors of consciousness to promote balance, harmony and health of an individual. Jason will help a client address internal conflict and come to terms with experiences and personal concepts. He will help identify strengths and capabilities to heal. Jason’s mindfulness techniques cultivates a confidence for the individual to progress forward in one’s life psychologically, physically and mentally. Releasing emotional and subconscious concepts formed from memories allows Jason to help frame actions and stimulate behaviour that arise from the conscious release of anxiety, trauma and suppressed experiences.

… so You can Heal.

Jason’s pioneering form of holistic counselling will help you heal. The mind holds the ability to come to terms with, resolve and release all conflict, trauma and anxiety around life purpose and identity. Deep-mind meditation is an optional core component of his practice to empower inner reflection, build mental clarity and cultivate emotional resilience. Jason works extensively with current behaviour as a product of memory, experiences and trauma, and all progressive behaviour and growth is a product of awareness, observation, balance and understanding. Jason engages cognitive behavioural change through the process of awareness, observation and emotional truth.

Everything has a solution

Counselling for life issues, trauma, anxiety, decision-making, life-purpose, behavioural and existential issues. Gain understanding and discover how to be happy. There is always a solution.

Guided Meditation & Family Groups

Experience peace and balance with Guided Meditation. Take a journey through your inner mind, across time and to places of peace and insight. Basic and advanced.

Workshops & more ...

Join in and participate with active discovery sessions about life purpose, energy, intuition, holistic awareness, balance and harmony, time, memory … and much more.

Having the future you want

One of the biggest fears people often face is not having the future they want. People only accept the ‘now’ because they believe the future will be different… but that is called “living in hope”.

Hope never changes anything. Only the pathway of gaining insight gives you the ability to eliminate hope in your life by taking control.


Change comes from insight

Change always seems so temporary for so many. That happens when the cause is not identified, and a lack of awareness allows time, and your past, to create the same future once again. You need and deserve more than that in order to be happy. A new ‘future’ starts with a new ‘now’.

Presentations and Events

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1st Session!

Your first discussion session will be about getting to know each other, but also focused on the path we will take to help you heal.

It is time to get help.

It is time to heal.

The power of memory has the ability to inspire us to great heights, or keep us in the same place we have always been. We are more than who we believe we are. We are more than what our lives – and often the influences upon and around us – tell us we are. I am here to tell you it is time to understand the power you have within, and to create change.

Love is the most powerful energy of all. Those who do not know love seek power. Those who know who they are, to the deepest core of their being, seek only balance and a deeper sense of awakening. These brave seekers of the light of awareness need only what is greater within themselves. They inspire others to do the same, and live a life beyond hope and beyond expectation for they are the key to their own happiness. No one is ever truly alone.

So often I find people have no-one with whom we can be totally honest with, or no one who can give them the insight they desperately need to find the answers they need. I work with the mind, behaviour, the subconscious, the inner mind and memory through time.

I can help you.

I also use meditation to help balance the mind and body, and to achieve awareness of who you really are. Taking a journey through your mind, your history, your future and into your inner self will change your life forever.

I am here to help you take the next step on your journey home.

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